Wednesday, November 08, 2006

International Greetings From Mapula Lodge

International Greetings From Mapula Lodge, Botswana

"You are welcome at Mapula Lodge, Botswana. Come and enjoy the spring blossoms." Guess the languages of welcome.

Mapulaロッジ、ボツワナで歓迎されている。 ばねの花を楽しむ来なさい。

Vous êtes bienvenu à la loge de Mapula, Botswana. Venez apprécier les fleurs de ressort.

Você é bem-vindo no alojamento de Mapula, Botswana. Vir apreciar as flores da mola.

Du bist an der Mapula Hütte, Botswana willkommen. Die Frühling Blüten genießen kommen.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mapula Lodge - Map

Mapula Lodge, Botswana

Mapula Lodge is situated in the north of Botswana. It is accesible by vehicle, boat and very soon - by plane. The Lodge is in the wilderness, close to the the Okavango River. At the end of the day when you are sitting back to enjoy the African sunset, you may be surprised by game walking across the malapo - right in front of you.
It's time to sit back, have a refreshing drink and wait for your call to dinner.